A few words about Bloom Industrial Machining Inc. from someone who knows


Blow Press Ltd. Is an international supplier of large industrial presses; one of the oldest and largest companies of its kind in North America. Please read what Andy Blow, owner of Blow Press, has to say about Bloom...

As the owner of Blow Press, I have had
substantial experience with numerous machine shops and machinists, and I have known the machinists at Bloom Industrial Machining Inc. for several years.

Bloom has demonstrated an extraordinarily high degree of competence in supplying Blow Press with excellent parts at precision levels of .001” and in some cases .0005”. In particular they have produced many shafts whose lengths would be in excess of 10 feet with numerous steps, and diameters in the 8” range.

Bloom’s ability to provide accuracy and timeliness in the results have been consistent and dependable.

I highly recommend Bloom for machining jobs. They are both meticulous and dependable and have demonstrated a willingness to do what is necessary to support the needs of our organization.

Andy Blow, owner of Blow Press


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